Joint Undersea Searching Mission, IRA-CRASAR (1) 2011.04.21

Progress Report on Undersea Searching Mission by IRA and CRASAR

by Fumitoshi Matsuno, Professor, Kyoto University

April 19th and 20th: Searching for obstacles in the fishing port (Minamisanriku, Miyagi)
April 20th: 16:00 JST: Reporting on the searching to the mayor

April 21th: Searching for bodies (Rikuzentakata, Iwate)

  • 10:00 JST: Greeting the city mayor meeting in the disaster countermeasures office (Japan Coast Guard, Rikuzentakata city, IRA and CRASAR)
  • 11:30 JST: Arriving at Hirota Bay and Starting the search

The Japan Self-Defense Forces carried out searching mission from the air and the sea at the same time. It was a concerted mission with Japan Coast Guard. It was the first cooperative mission to robotics researchers. They will carry out similar missions on April 22th and 23th, and report the finding of searching to Rikuzentakata city on April 23th, 13:00 JST.

IRS: International Rescue System Institute
CRASR: Center for Robot-Assisted Search and Rescue , Texas A&M University

A related article: Asahi Shimbun(web edition), April 21th, 21:27 JST (in Japanese)


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