List of Members (2011.05.09)

Some members choose not to disclose their names and affiliations.

Chairman Hajime Asama University of Tokyo
Anchorman Yoshihiko Nakamura University of Tokyo
Minoru Asada Osaka University
Katsushi Ikeuchi University of Tokyo
Koji Ikuta University of Tokyo
Hirochika Inoue University of Tokyo, Professor Emeritus
Mitsuru Uesaka University of Tokyo
Yoji Umetani Tokyo Institute of Technology, Professor Emeritus
Hisashi Osumi Chuo University
Satoshi Kagami AIST
Hiroshi Kaminaga University of Tokyo
Shinji Kawazuma Japan Atomic Energy Agency
Sadao Kawamura Ritsumeikan University
Hisaaki Kudo University of Tokyo
Yosuo Kuniyoshi University of Tokyo
Masaaki Kumagai Tohokugakuin University
Yoshihiko Kuroki TOYOTA
Yoji Kuroda Meiji University
Tetsuo Kotoku AIST
Kazuhiro Kosuge Tohoku University
Norio Kodaira Mitsubishi Electric Cop.
Eiji Koyanagi Chiba Institute of Technology
Tomomasa Sato University of Tokyo
Akira Shimada Shibaura Institute of Technology
Wataru Takano University of Tokyo
Riichiro Tadakuma Yamagata University
Satoshi Tadokoro Tohoku University
Hideyuki Tsukagoshi Tokyo Institute of Technology
Yuichi Tsumaki Yamagata University
Yasushi Nakauchi Tsukuba University
Keiji Nagatani Tohoku University
Shin’ichiro Nishida JAXA
Shigeoki Hirai Chiba Institute of Technology
Hirohisa Hirukawa AIST
Shigeo Hirose Tokyo Institute of Technology
Toshio Fukuda Nagoya University
Ken’ichi Makabe IRS-U
Fumitoshi Matsuno Kyoto University
Ikuo Mizuuchi Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Masao Mukaidono Meiji University
Shin’ichi Yuta Tsukuba University
Yasuyoshi Yokokoji Kobe University
Kazuya Yoshida Tohoku University

2 Comments on “Members”

  1. I have spendt 3 fantastic months traveling in Japan in 1995 visiting Prof. Omata, Prof. Asama, Prof. Tsurai, Prof. Fukuda, Prof. Hirose and many gently people. I have already based in Yucatan and I like to offer my robotic and Lab facilities if for any reason you like to send students to spend time and relaxing from the actual disaste in Japan. Mérida, Yucatán is the considered the safest place in Latin America: my lab is in main downtown sourrounded of historic building in the hearth of the Mayan Civilisation. Glad to hear about your recovery and keep looking possibiities of hosting you here. Greetings from Mexico

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